Gold Lolita shoes and fairy kei sneakers please?

okay :D

Cute backpacks?

gotcha! ;D

Any cute raincoats?

sure thing :D

thank you, friend-- :'3c

you’re welcome pal ;3

maybe some cute accessories or socks? :3c

coming right up! ;3

could you maybe do some black shoes? or platform shoes? also black things in general * 3* any peignoirs would be nice, transparent stuff ;;^ o^/ thankyou!

of course! :D

i’m gonna add some more style tags to the blog. maybe 1-2, maybe 3 

stay tuned :)

H-hello...I know you usually find clothes, but I wonder if I could request maybe food-based furniture/accessories and cute stuff like stationery or office supplies? Clothes are accepted too! I always see lots of candy and sushi but I like different food-themed items.

i’m sorry but i only do fashion ;3;

taobao-finds and kawaiiteatime are taobao blogs that find furniture and stationary :) 

off-white crochet midi skirts $5.32

White crochet midi skirts please! :)

okie dokie :3

Requests are open~!

the queue is empty! :O

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B & W converse platforms $16.52

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black mini platform heels $15.94

smiley face hoodie $10.47

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black silk puffy sleeved leotard-blouse $30.29