Could you find any cute chokers? Preferably with cut-out hearts in the fabric (similar to item[.]htm?id=38642290555&spm=a310v.4.88.1) <3 also thank you for this wonderful blog xoxo

i’ll try :)

can you please try to find goth face masks? or just black face masks? (like the kind with the straps that go around your ears and they cover from your nose down) thank you!

of course :)

strawberry bralets $4.36

assorted tie dye crop tops $3.06

hello kitty pastel sneakers $32.13

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black fishnet mesh shirt $14.21

transparent rain coat $48.23

assorted heart shaped handbag $15.32

cartoon crop tops $5.64

knee-high spiderweb socks $2.90

icelolly dress $7.90

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cute heart shaped bags $20.81

milky rose thigh high stockings/tights $3.22

assorted food themed t-shirt $5.80

baseball shirt $6.45